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Slim dispenser

Art. AP3400.10.10 – Dosing

The Dispenser Slim, suitable for all tanks supplied with boilers and pellet fireplaces, is made of a self-extinguishing plastic material for safe installation.

Slim dispenser

Art. AP3400.10.10 – Dosing

Il dosatore è adattabile a tutti i serbatoi delle caldaie a biomassa. Il materiale plastico trasparente con cui è costruito è autoestinguente e permette un’immediata valutazione dell’efficienza di funzionamento.

Dispenser's description

The Slim dispenser is extremely easy to install.
The plastic material it is made of is self-extinguishing.

Thanks to its simple construction, it is tested for thousands of work cycles, guaranteeing high reliability.
The door opening sensor provides maximum safety in the event of a malfunction, protecting all system components.

Modular plant how to have it

Four basic elements guarantee the constant, safe transport of biomass for boiler feed


Vacuum unit


It discharges the fuel


From the top or the bottom


System intelligence

Stock tanks (optional)

The stock tank is an optional extra, if you don't have one choose from the Advance catalogue!

*The Vacu Matic can be installed at the base of any hollow tank, even existing ones.


Modular tank


Modular tank


Choice load

Technical data dispenser

Art. AP3400.10.10 – Dosing

Slim dispenser has the following features:

  • Weight: 2,2 kg
  • Max useful capacity: 6 l
  • Protection degree: IP 44