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Modular system
Advance Easy Moving

Modular system
Advance Easy Moving

The beauty of choice.

The modular system is extremely versatile and adapts to any installation requirement.
It can cover long distances (up to 25 m) and allows efficient fuel management: it depulps the fuel before feeding it into the boiler, it can be composed according to one's needs, choosing from the Advance Easy Moving range of products.

Some basic elements guarantee the continuous and safe transport of biomass to supply the boilers.


Stock tank

The reserve


Extraction system

The withdrawal


Control system

The intelligence


Vacuum unit

The power


Dosing systems

The dosage

Modular system

Modular system to transport fuel, even long distances (max. 25 m), dedust it and if space above the boiler is small.

Modular with vacuum

Modular system with vacuum inlet that transports fuel, even long distances, dedust it and becomes an integrated system to clean the boiler room.

Universal with any boiler and fuel

All solutions are integrated with any existing boiler or new installation. They can transport different types of biomass.





Solutions for every use

Choose the system according to your needs.
Each configuration, to operate, must include the three basic elements: em>suction motor + dosage + control

For the heat in your home

Whether you prefer the beauty of a crackling fire or the power of a boiler, Advance Easy Moving will always be at your side, with the most suitable system to meet your needs.