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Record electricity and gas costs: Progetto Fuoco's solution

Nightmare start to the year for the energy sector

Nightmare start to the year for the energy sector

The first quarter of this year saw a 94% increase in gas prices and a 131% increase in electricity compared to the same period in 2021. These increases do not look set to decrease, at least in the short term. For many families and businesses, the situation has become economically untenable.

Now more than ever, therefore, there is a need for a real energy transition, which will see a decisive move away from fossil fuels in favour of renewable sources, ancient but made modern by continuous research and innovation in the sector, such as woody biofuels.

Research and innovation will be at the heart of the new edition of Progetto Fuoco (4-7 May 2022, Verona Exhibition Centre), the most important world event dedicated to biomass appliances, with more than 800 brands and 60 thousand visitors expected.

Comment from Raul Barbieri, general manager of Piemmeti

Comment from Raul Barbieri, general manager of Piemmeti

"Continuity, stability and programmability: these are the three fundamental characteristics that make woody biofuels a truly sustainable alternative." - underlines Raul Barbieri, general manager of Piemmeti, which organises Progetto Fuoco.

"But they are also economical and made in Italy: using biomass in an intelligent way in fact contributes to the reduction of emissions and the maintenance of the forest heritage and, at the same time, generates significant employment for the country system. It is therefore the perfect time to continue betting on this resource".

Biomass: a growing sector

Biomass: a growing sector

When people talk about renewable energy, they always think of solar, hydroelectric or wind power. Biomass is often (wrongly) ignored. However, it is one of the most important sources of clean energy in Italy and the world, exploiting the surplus of forests (which are constantly growing in our country), which is used 100%, without waste. It can be used for energy production, for heating the house, for cooking.

It is a fast-growing sector, especially in Italy, home to the largest and best production of stoves and fireplaces in the world. In particular, according to Aiel data, the demand for pellets is growing very fast: consumption has risen from 8% in 2010 to 22% in 2019, an increase of 14% consisting of almost two million tonnes.

To make this source of energy better known and even cleaner, however, a strong push in research and effective communication is needed to make this important resource known to the general public.

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