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Continued collaboration between Fondazione Green and Sistem Air

In the company, young people who will become professionals in the HVAC areas

In the company, young people who will become professionals in the HVAC areas

It was a Friday of encounters and mutual growth that Fondazione Green and Sistem Air organised for the students enrolled in the ITS "Energy-efficient thermo-technical systems" course, accompanied by tutor and project manager Elena Calore and surveyor and lecturer Marco Caserio.

The day spent together allowed the students to see, and discover, the central vacuum system from its birth in the production departments to the functioning of all its components in the innovative show room set up inside Sistem Air.

Not only that, but with the young people themselves they discussed how central vacuum systems are part of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) systems that form the basis of their specialisation course.

At the end of the meeting, as in the previous one, the students themselves and their tutor Elena Calore were given the floor after a pleasant light lunch.

Youth interventions

Youth interventions

Lorenzo Caruso, one of the most enthusiastic of the young visitors, said: "It was a very comprehensive day! But, for sure, the part dedicated to Advance and its biomass transport systems was the one that intrigued me the most. I think that behind Advance there is a revolutionary idea for the market. Simply because it solves the problem of pellet loading with a system that is as simple as it is functional and effective."

Lorenzo Caruso
Luca Facchi

"I have been very impressed by the way this company works, in particular by the care and organisation with which they produce their products. The Flexin retractable hose system really impressed me, as did the modularity of the systems. I believe that a central vacuum system is fundamental in any environment where you want to have a high level of indoor air quality. Once I've finished my course with Fondazione Green, I'd like to be a designer, including of central vacuum systems," - said Luca Facchi.

"I was very impressed by the level of innovation behind Sistem Air's products. I must admit that before I came here, central vacuum systems only existed in American films, but today I have discovered that this Italian company has been around for over 30 years. I think it's really a functional system for homes because of its convenience and suction power capabilities. Unlike visits to other companies, here, for the first time, I saw something new and innovative. The central vacuum system for its ability to improve indoor air quality has incredible added value." - emphasised Andrea Falzea.

Andrea Falzea

Comment from Project Manager and Tutor Elena Calore

Comment from Project Manager and Tutor Elena Calore

Tutor Elena Calore

At the end of the day at Sistem Air, Elena Calore presented the course her students are taking: "These guys are studying a specialisation course related to energy systems, dealing in particular with air conditioning and cooling. It's very interesting for them to get to know a company like Sistem Air, because in the course we deal with thermo-hydrometric comfort and air quality."

"We were already familiar with central vacuum systems because this visit was prepared with lecturer Marco Caserio. But the detailed operation of central vacuum systems and the aspects of installation were covered here. And so we had the proof that central vacuum cleaning is an opportunity for these guys to integrate what they are learning in their course and to think in relation to the complementarity of the systems. It's important that they understand how central vacuum system is an important part of the building-system on all levels." - continued Elena Calore.

"Finally, I have to say that the students really appreciated the part dedicated to Advance devices because we deal with energy production systems from renewable sources in the course, and we have a module dedicated to biomass." - she concluded.

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