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Bonus stoves: from Veneto an important contribution for private individuals

EUR 4 million allocated to improve air quality

EUR 4 million allocated to improve air quality

From Veneto comes an excellent opportunity for those wishing to renew their domestic heating systems. On the proposal of the councillor for the environment, the regional government has approved the criteria for the call for tenders aimed at providing incentives for the replacement of domestic heat generators fuelled by biomass (wood, pellets or wood chips) with a firebox power of 35 kW or less.

The financial availability provided by the region will be 3,880,000 euro (of which 1.6 million in the 2022 budget and the difference in 2023). In determining the ranking list, account will also be taken of the municipality in which the intervention is carried out, with an additional bonus coefficient for those municipalities that, from 2019, have adopted ordinances to improve air quality.

"A new and further action to improve air quality," - explains Environment Councillor Gianpaolo Bottacin - "with the aim of scrapping old domestic heating appliances and replacing them with low atmospheric emission and high energy efficiency systems.

Who will be able to obtain the facilitation?

Who will be able to obtain the facilitation?

The initiative is aimed at private residents in the regional territory with a family economic situation not exceeding EUR 50,000 (with reference to the ordinary ISEE 2022). The regional contribution is additional to the incentive assigned by the GSE quantified in relation to the family economic situation (main factor), as well as on the basis of the primary particulate emissions generated by the new system.

"At a time of serious difficulty, first and foremost for families,"- the councillor specifies -"we have chosen the formula of adding our contribution to the state contribution provided for by the thermal account in order to expand the number of possible applicants, who will be able to obtain a very high contribution, close to 100% of the eligible expenditure. Obviously, for the same reasons, we chose family income as the main criterion, so as to help those who really need it".

"Today we are talking about old stoves, but there is also a call for tenders for the replacement of cars, which will be ready soon. This is to confirm the attention we pay to air pollution, which takes the form of important and continuous investments, which in recent years have totalled more than EUR 1 billion, to incentivise the replacement of public transport with environmentally friendly trains and buses, with the improvement of infrastructure and with energy efficiency" - the regional councillor concludes.

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